- Lights Interior (Dash) and Bi-Xenon come automatically on if it gets too dark.
- Panic button will not activate if the key is inserted in the ignition.
- 3D Model
- Volvo VADIS Wiring Diagram for $10
- Headlight Adjustment #1
- Headlight Adjustment #2
- Fog lights can also be adjusted from behind the fog light assembly
- Theoretical Speeds in Gears
- What is that Little Knob just above the Gear Shifter?

- Light Bulbs:

Bulbs Power Socket US no.
Bulb no. Name Designation/power
1. Direction indicator/parking light PY 21W
2. High/Low beam ???
3. DRL 9006XS/HB4A (Straight Base)
4. Fog light (option) H3 55W
5. Fog light BA 5s 21 W
6. Tail/parking light BA 15s 5W
7. Brake light BA 15s 21W
8. Side marker light P 10W
9. Direction indicator PY 21W
10. Backup light BA 15s 21W

- Short List R-Part Numbers
- Airfilter modification
- How to switch DRL & Fog bulbs
- How to change drivers mirror to Euro spec wide angle mirror

- How to changes the Fog Light Grills

- Buzzing Shifter - Known issue, clutch cable in early cars was too long and caused this sound, especially on 3rd and 5th gear. Volvo has this fixed in new cars and will also fix the old ones (Service Bulletin Released).

- Suspension/Trunk Clunk - Seems to be caused by rear suspesion, more prominent Volvo released software update for suspension because of Sound, this has caused some complaints about Advanced mode being too soft. Seems like there's several version of suspension software version 3 seems to be the best this far.

- R performance issues - there has been lots of talks about R's performance and that the car does not deliver the promised 300HP. Air temperature & Mileage seems to be very big factors with R's performance. Personally I would say my car definitely puts out 300HP, if not even more.

- R Automatic Performance issues - Automatic gearbox by Aisin is limited to 350NM and won't perform as well as Manual gearbox, not much one can do about it. IPD and some other chip makers have version of their chip that removes the limiter (but then you're on your own with warranty issues).

- Trip meter seems to reset on some US cars around 630 miles. (1.609km/mile conversion forgotten?). Software update coming up.

- Lights Pointing too low - Check above on headlight adjustment pictures, remember to turn them back to stock before you take the car to software updates, they can really mess the lights up.

- 130mph limit - some R's are limited to 130mph (I have confirmed this), Volvo has update for this "problem"

- Hesitation round 3000-3500 rpm Volvo has released a fix for this, Volvo ECM software P/N: 30677021-5

- Door Lock/Unlock Flashing & Heated Seat Temperature Codes Codes can be found Here

- Screathing Noise in Rain/Snow Under certain conditions when driving through puddles of water, slush and or snow, the underside of exhaust system may cool down fast enough causing the exhaust to change shape and touch the propeller shaft, causing a very high pitched squealing noise. This noise will be noticed by the driver for only a short time, once the exhaust temperature equalizes the noise will disappear. Volvo Fix P/N: 30676687-4

- How to Reset Service Light Put key in ignition, push down and hold trip reset button while simultaneously turning key to position one, wait a few seconds then turn the key to position 2 (all the time holding trip reset button down.) Then service light or yellow triangle, depending on car will flash a few times and then go off.

- Rear is "hopping" Under Uneven Pavement TNN: 60-08 speaks to a side step complaint issued by some R owners. If you experience the side step, you may issue a complaint to your service department. They will have access to this TNN. It is applicable on S60 R and V70 R's that experience the problem up to chassis number 476762 on the S60 R and chassis number 507989 on the V70 (that's the last six of your VIN, if the last 6 of your VIN is LESS THAN the number I provided above, then this fix is applicable to your vehicle). The part number for the bushing is 30748437. Alignment: the total rear toe should be set to 0.16 (+/- .1 degrees).

- Breaks Are Sqeeling Usually washing the discs every 1-2 week helps, also different break pads might help. Volvo has fix for this, but the fix may result clonking, the part number is: 30748514 - "Vibration damper".

- Some Fuse Info
- Pull fuse 23 & 6 under the hood to reset ECU
- Pull fuse 17 from trunk to make R FWD
- Pull fuse 27 from drivers door panel to disable 4C

By: (P. Bruno)

- Audio System HU-80x Hidden Menus
- Diagnostic Information for S60, V70 and S80
- Key Locking Software
- Programmable options via VADIS

- BSR PPC Stage 1 (Swedish)
- Rica Engineering
- Evolve
- Erst
- Eurosport Tuning
- Sam Steffansson
- MR-Tuning
- Wetterauer
- Svenske Racing

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