05/28/03 - $1000 Down payment is in

07/16/03 - Dealer Allocation Info Came from Sweden and Order was Confirmed, ETA: Late September

09/02/03 - Volvo hiked up R prices $375, but since I ordered it already, there was no charge. Put $4000 more down. ETA: 09/30/03

09/04/03 - Got my VIN number, tracking says car is already in ship, ETA to Baltimore, MD: 09/09/03.

09/09/03 - Car has arrived to Baltimore, MD.

09/11/03 - ETA to dealer: 09/16/03

09/15/03 - Took a Delivery of the R

09/16/03 - First Comment: "Is that Type R" from a guy whole almost fell out of his car window when he was staring at the R wheels.

09/17/03 - Air Filter Mod

09/20/03 - Went to VW Fall Pre-Drive

10/07/03 - Buzzing Shifter issue fixed - now car is perfect.

10/14/03 - Slightly rattling rear speaker was replaced and seatbelt smudge was cleaned by dealer.

10/31/03 - Ordered Winter Tires from Tirerack.com, tire of choice: 225/40VR18 Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 (big pic)

11/04/03 - Got winter tires installed, very impressed by dry pavement performance.

02/04/04 - Switched both Fogs and DRLs to Sylvania's Silver Star bulbs (9006XS for DRLs, H3 for Fogs). 

02/20/04 - Changed drivers side mirror to wide angle one (The other one already is wide angle). 

02/25/04 - Got new Suspension Software Upgrade Installed (#30682143). Car feel little bit better after short testing.

03/13/04 - Went to March Drive

03/28/04 - Went to Volksport Denny Hecker Meeting

04/18/04 - Went to Mercedes-Benz N C-Drive

04/27/04 - Changed stock for grills to Euro Slotted Grills, not much of a change, but maybe little more cooling.

05/01/04 - Went to
 D&M Performance 1st annual car meet

06/01/04 - BSR PPC Installed

06/24/04 - AARRF DCTC, first time R saw the track.

06/26/04 - Went to MNSC Meeting.

03/19/05 - Had fun in the Snow

03/31/05 - Installed new summer tires, Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3.

04/07/05 - Got New Volvo Rear Bushings, rear definitely feels tighter and car is better to drive.

04/07/05 - Did "Ghetto" airbox mod, check under My Pictures.

05/11/05 - Got Svenske Racing Cat-Back installed.

05/14/05 - Got Heico (Eibach) springs installed.

07/31/05 - Went to Brainerd to see Audi Club Race

08/13/05 - Took part in National Passat GTG's drive

09/10/05 - First MNVolvo meeting

12/29/05 - Got Magnaflow #14219 Muffles installed, check under My Pictures. Also few videos under videos page.

01/21/06 - 10mm Spacers, stainless steel break lines and IPD Track swaybars installed, check under My Pictures.

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