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Wide Angle Euro Mirror

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Mirror Housing

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Stock Mirror

VolvoMirror_ 003.jpg (173100 bytes)
Wide Angle Mirror

Wide Angle Euro Mirror:

1> Turn the driver side mirror to full right side position.

2> Slide your fingers behind the left side of the mirror and pull to remove the mirror (requires some muscle). Don't pull too hard since heating wires are still connected.

3> Remove the power and ground wire.

4> Easiest way to get the mirror to go into the "slot" is turn the mirror to left position, slide the right side of the mirror into the slot so it gets "stuck", then holding mirror, turn the mirror to full right side position. 

5> Hold the right side of the mirror in it's place and push the left side until it snaps on to place. (requires some muscle)

The Wide Angle mirror makes a huge difference, highly recommended.

Here's Instructions from Borton Volvo's website

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